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Platinum and Diamonds - Chapter 3 - The Most Important Thing - Part 1

Title: Platinum and Diamonds
Author: tavia_d
Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter series, nor any of the characters from the books or moves. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.
Pairing: H/D
Word count: 5917
Rating: NC-17 for violence, scariness, adult sexual situations, non-con, abuse of a child, torture
Summary: I hope I can keep him safe, and help him recover and move on. I’m not delusional. I know he will never forget what he went through. That will mark both of us forever.
Acknowledgments: Thank you lkrumwiede, akurokufanatic from AFF.net, Gabi, Catherine, Akaya, JC and Emily from FF.net who beta read this chapter, for everything and especially for having patience with me.

A/N: Sorry for the delay but my real life caught up with me. I hope "Part 2" will be up at the beginning of January.


Platinum and Diamonds

Chapter 1 - All Changed That Day

Chapter 2 - Images in a Pensieve

Chapter 3 - The Most Important Thing )

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