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New with a story

Hello all I'm new and I have brought a story to share. All for the love of Draco.

Title: What A choice
Rating: R for death and suicide
Warnings: Main character death by suicide
One shot and bitter

‘Everything has just become to much.’ Draco thought as he tied the rope.
‘Things need to stop, things need to change’ A sigh escaped his lips as he searched for the stool.
He moved around the room with skill and ease. Putting away this, taking out that. Setting everything just how he wanted it. He made his bed and set his wand on the nightstand. Running his hands through his hair he moved to his desk and sat down. Pulling out the letter he read it one more time.

It was right, it was perfect, it was sad.

He stood then and made his way back towards the stool and the rope above it. He smirked at the look on his father’s face, him doing something in such a muggle way. He made his way up the small stool and traced the rope with his fingers. Caressing it he placed it around his neck. With a smile he tightened the noose. He jumped gracefully off the stool. Time stopped. 
                                                                                                                    ‘I don’t want to die

Thanks and tell me what you think!
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