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Draco Malfoy Fans

For those who support Malfoy

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This community is for anyone who likes, loves, worships or otherwise has strong (and positive!) feelings about Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter books and movies.

Anything is welcome to post about as long as it is somehow Draco-related. Fanfiction, art, slash, icons, photos, links, questions, random comments, discussion of the books, the movies or even about the actor who portays him so well on screen - Tom Felton.

So whether it is dark!Draco, angsty!Draco, evil!Draco, redeemed!Draco, sweet!Draco, sexy!Draco or anything-&-everything-else!Draco you can post about it.

Just join, post and have fun!

To prevent nasty arguments occuring here please do not join if you dislike or hate Draco. If you flame (make offensive comments) you will be banned from the community and your comments stricken from the record. So, please, do not do it. Thanks!