fkyeahwizangst (fckyeahwizangst) wrote in draco_support,

Malfoy Manor is Not Haunted

Title: Malfoy Manor is Not Haunted (3/3)
Author: Fckyeahwizangst/ Va Vonne
Rating: M
Length: 14 223
Themes: Abused!Draco, Mental!Lucius, Auror!Harry, Father and Son, Post-War
Warnings: Implied torture, Mental Illness, Abuse
Summary: Lucius Malfoy just wants everything to go back to normal after the end of the War. But there are always the certain few that stand in his way. He'd never expected his son, his beloved and only son, to be one of them.
A/N: This fanfiction can also be found on FF under the penname Va Vonne, along with a collection of other projects. I am looking to expand my horizons, so to speak. Due to the post being too large, I've separated what is normally a one-shot into different parts! Now... finally...
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