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Title: And So It Was
Author: herald_mage
Rating: R; language, hints of sexual relationships, teen life
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley (minor Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley), Daphne Greengrass/Zacharias Smith, Zacharias Smith/Susan Bones, Theodore Nott/Tracey Davis
Models Used: Boyd Holbrook, Cintia Dicker, Solange Wilvert, Mathias Lauridsen, Jesia Chiminazzo, Jeremy Dufour and Emina Cunmulaj.
Summary: Lives of teenage witches and wizards as the struggle to understand life and the world.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don’t rub it in, ok?
A/N: Work In Progress, there will be more. How much more, I’m not sure. Enough to conclude the story satisfactorily, I suppose. There is cursing in this fic, and it’s my first long fic. Constructive criticism welcome. Also, pay attention to the years or you may be a bit confused.
P.S. If it's too much writing and not enough manip, lemme know, and I'll delete the writing!

Hogwarts Castle Grounds, Harry Potter’s Seventh Year, Early-Winter

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“We haven’t done this in forever.”

Murmurs of assent came from the tall brunette’s companions.

Daphne Greengrass walked arm in arm with Draco Malfoy and Tracey Davis, and she was feeling far too happy for a Slytherin who hadn’t conquered something. They walked along the edge of the hippogryff pen, admiring the hedges that grew on the right. Daphne tried to ignore the looks passed between Draco and Tracey and lifted her face to the winter sun. Pausing, she drew her hood up over her ears. Daphne turned back to link arms again, but her fellow housemates had moved a few steps away, and Draco was clearing his throat.

“Daph,” he cleared his throat again, “You can’t… we need you to…”

“You have to stop seeing The Hufflepuff.” Tracey’s clear voice shattered Daphne’s pleasant morning.

Daphne reached out a hand and gripped the side of the fence, “I, but, no. Why?”

Tracey looked at the ground, “You know the rules, Daph, we can see anyone we choose, but discretion is key! You…”

Draco took over, “Snape found out. He’s livid, he had planned to owl your parents.”

Daphne felt a cold hand grip her heart, if her parents found out she had been seeing Zach. Shit.

“Pansy managed to… convince him that we could handle this situation. For all our sakes, Daph, break it off!” Tracey was nearing hysterics, and Daphne understood the need for privacy. Slytherins must not show emotion, it was just one more way to blackmail someone.

She felt a hand rest on hers and pry it off the gate. She locked eyes with Draco as he raised it to his lips, “C’mon Daph. We’re survivors, remember?”

The lash of the whip. The scent of blood. The harsh scolding. The blackness of the night. The green light from the wand.

“Yes,” Daphne Greengrass nodded, “I remember.”

And so it was.

Hogwarts Castle Roof, Harry Potter’s Seventh Year, Mid-Winter

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Zacharias Smith frowned and glanced around the roof, rubbing his arms. The note from Daphne was unexpected, especially after three weeks of her ignoring him, but he was nothing if not loyal, and so after curfew on the night of the full moon, he snuck up to the east wing roof. Now if only he could find her.


He knew the voice without turning, “Parkinson.”

Lumos,” a light from the corner of his eye made Zach turn, “As you may or may not have guessed, Smith, Ms. Greengrass will not be attending this little meeting I’m afraid.”

Fury coiled low inside of Zach, “What. Did. You. Do?”

“Me?” He wanted to hex the smug look off her face. “I didn’t do anything. It was you, actually. Since as a Slytherin, Daphne knows how to behave herself. The love letters, the puppy dog eyes, the chocolates, the gifts, everything, it’s got to stop, Smith. Daphne cannot afford a distraction at the moment, and has realized it. And even though you are in the same predicament, you seem to be lacking in the cleverness she possesses.”

“Never. You’re lying.” A childhood fighting bullies in his muggle neighborhood overrode seven years of spell practice, and Zach’s fists clenched and unclenched, forgetting the wand in his breast pocket. “I won’t give up Daphne, you’ve done something to her! You, you’ve blackmailed her, or threatened her, or…”

“Asked, would be the word you’re searching for, Smith. Or rather, we showed Daphne her choices and she chose the correct one. And you are sounding and acting like a first year, so as such, it is well past your bedtime, goodnight, Smith.”

Pansy rose gracefully from where she had been resting against the roof, and looked at the young man who had captured her friend’s heart. “You know,” she cocked her head and murmured quietly, “the Belgian chocolate truffles with cinnamon were her favorites. So was the lavender.”

And so it was.

Hogwarts Castle Gardens, Harry Potter’s Seventh Year, Late Winter

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There was a bench in the Gardens of Hogwarts. It had been built by hand by a muggle studies class in the early 1940’s.

It had many names carved into it, hearts, curse words, dirty limericks, secrets. Once, someone had cast a spell so that a carving would glow, for one hour, then another for another hour, and so on and so forth.

Daphne Greengrass had the unfortunate luck to be sitting on the bench as Z & D glowed and Zacharias walked up behind her. She could tell it was him from his scent. One part books, one part nature, one part peppermint, one part chocolate, one part him. A thousand parts love.

They were silent for a moment. Remembering.

First kiss. Laughter. Surprises. Notes. Knife. Carving. Connection. Promise.

Then he moved. She moved. Another moment was shattered and they moved on.

And so it was.

Hogwarts Castle Hallway, Harry Potter’s Seventh Year, Late Winter

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She stood behind him, her tiny fists planted on her hips, her nightgown a cross between little-girl-pretty and indecent.

He sighed, “Daph.”

“This isn’t fair.”

“No one ever said it would be. In fact, remember initiation, first year?”

They recited together, “Life is never fair, make sure you’re the one that cheats.”

“But I can’t cheat to make this better.”

Theo saw that she was dangerously close to tears, and shuttered his expression, “Then you’re not a Slytherin, Ms. Greengrass.”

“Good! I don’t bloody want to be!”

He bit the inside of his cheek and longed for Draco. Draco could handle a hysterical woman without slapping her. Draco could calm her with a word or a touch. But he wasn’t Draco, he was Theo, and so Theo did as his father did.

Moments later, Daphne was blinking, and raising her hand to the red mark on her face, “You bastard,” she hissed, “You are going to regret ever speaking to me, Theodore Nott.”

Then she walked away with the steel back in her backbone, and sex back in her sashay.
Theo smiled. She was back.

And so it was.

Hogwarts Castle Classroom, Harry Potter’s Seventh Year, Valentine’s Day

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“I hate this.”

The comment was whispered, not meant to be heard, but Draco’s ears caught it anyway.

His arms came up to encircle the Gryffindor. “I’m sorry. I tried, you know it, but—”

“But even my blood isn’t good enough for your bloody counsel.”


Draco’s sharp voice pulled Ginny away from the edge, “I’m sorry, love, it’s just, I’m so tired of sneaking around, and it’s just…”

Sobs cut off the rest of her sentence.

“If we want to be together at all, this is the only way, Gin-girl. Look at Daph and Zach. They tried, slowly, to ‘come out,’ and now Zach’s lucky if he can look at the poor girl.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I know, it’s…”

“A Slytherin thing,” she finished for him. “Fuck, Draco, you’re damn lucky I love you, you know?”

“I know.”

And so it was.

Hogsmead, Harry Potter’s Sixth Year, Early Spring

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He was at Hogsmead, in some shop, when he noticed her. She was checking her reflection in a window across the street, the wind churned in her hair, and she smiled, satisfied with what she saw.

That was the first time Theo saw Tracey.

In the years that followed, he was glad it had been her he saw, and he was glad he had seen in time. Draco and Daphne were not as lucky. They saw the wrong people, too late.

Draco saw the Gryffindor Weasley, Ginevra, after she became engaged to Harry Bloody Potter.

Daphne saw the Arrogant Hufflepuff, Zacharias, after she had agreed to join the Death Eaters.

After seeing Tracey, Theo walked calmly into a jewelry shop, bought a serpent charm that would alert the wearer to thieves.

Then Theo proceeded to search Hogsmead for Tracey.

They knew each other of course. They were both in the upper ring of Elite Slytherins. But this was the first time he’d seen her.

He found her, and mumbled an incantation to make the charm glow.

She blinked at him, when he accused her of theft.

“I’ve stolen nothing of yours, you arse.”

Turning, she attempted to walk away. He grabbed her arm, braved the icy stare and proceeded to explain that she’d stolen his heart, and no, it was all right, he didn’t want it back; he’d rather have hers, thanks.

She laughed at him, and clasped the charm to the silver bracelet around her wrist.

It glowed.

“It seems, you’ve succeeded in stealing my heart, you arse,” She smirked at him, he smirked at her, and they sauntered back to the castle.

And so it was.

Hogwarts Castle Slytherin Dungeons, Harry Potter’s Seventh Year, Early Spring

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Yes. Exactly. So cute that Daphne tore the Hogwarts Express Newspaper Volume 17 Issue 4 to tiny pieces, reparioed it, then tore it again.

That was what she was doing when Pansy found her. “You’ve simply got to stop this, dahling. It’s bad for your complexion.”

“What? Ripping a piece of paper?”

“Noo… although it can’t be good for your nails,” Pansy snatched the paper out of Daphne’s hands, “Mooning over some boy! It’s not like you, Daph.”

“I can’t help it… I think I love him,” the last part was barely a whisper.

Pansy sighed, “Love is something that happens to other people, Daphne, not us, not Slytherins. We don’t love. We survive.”

And so it was.

Hogwarts Castle Room of Requirement, Harry Potter’s Sixth Year, Mid-Spring

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He sat in front of her, so she couldn’t see his expression, but from his voice and his back, she could tell he was amused.

Slumped forward, he was positioned directly in front of a sunbeam, drawing the most light in the room. Daphne also thought he glowed a little bit from the inside. She, on the other hand, lay in the shadows, lounging on the chair, one foot perched on the chair, the other resting lightly on his back.

“So what is it, Smith?” She drawled slowly, not wanting him to think she was eager to hear what he had to say. She had principles after all.

He chuckled. “Did you know, I was dared to talk to you by a housemate? To be more precise, I was dared to ask you out on a date. I refused of course,” he waved off her cold glare, “Because I wouldn’t do that to a girl, even if she is a Slytherin. But it made me think, and so—”

“So that’s why you’ve been following me ‘round. Honestly, Smith, did you think I wouldn’t notice, you’ve got the subtlety of a first year Gryffindor.”

He laughed, and Daphne let it wash over her, basking in the sound of someone’s happiness.

“Well anyway, I was wondering,” he twisted to face her and she watched the muscles in his back writhe under the tight gray shirt he wore, “I was wondering, if you would like, by any chance, to accompany me to Hogsmead this Saturday.”

“Playing with chance is fun,” she smirked at him and conjured up a cup and die. “Would you care to roll for it? Evens I go, odds…”

Saying nothing, he took the cup and shook it, allowing the die to fall to the floor.


He grinned at her, with all the eagerness of a puppy dog. She smiled at him, briefly, and handed him the die. “For rememberence,” she told him, “I’ll see you Saturday.”

It wasn’t until she had left the room, that he examined the die. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. There were no odd numbers on the die.

And so it was.

Hogwarts Castle Hallway, Harry Potter’s Seventh Year, Mid-Spring

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Daphne really didn’t know where the girl had gotten the courage to approach her, in broad daylight no less! Although, Daphne mused, perhaps it wasn’t courage and bravery, those were Gryffindor traits after all, perhaps it was simply stupidity.

The girl, Susan something, was wearing a hideous scarf made out of hydrangea blossoms. The rest of her outfit was no better, the shirt seemed to be made of leaves!

“Excuse me, Daphne?”

Daphne stiffened, “I’ll thank you to call me Ms. Greengrass, Ms….” She arched an eyebrow.

“Bones, Susan Bones. Um, Ms. Greengrass,” Daphne really didn’t like the sneer that accompanied her title (only Slytherins were allowed to sneer like that). In fact, she didn’t like this girl at all, and so no reason to talk with her.

She turned and walked away, paying little mind to the spluttering behind her.

“We dared him to you know. He never would have asked you out if we hadn’t,” the girl called after her.

Daphne smiled sadly, glad the girl couldn’t see her, “Yes I know, and I really must thank you.”

Once again she was glad Zacharias was a gentleman.

Pure indignation rose from the girl in waves, and Daphne linked arms with a passing Draco, whispering and pointing to the girl.

Then the two of them sneered, and Susan Bones realized that confronting a Slytherin was really not her brightest idea.

Still, she had Zach, and she bustled off, trying to ignore the cold looks from Slytherins. “Merlin,” she muttered, “word travels fast ‘round here.”

And so it was.

Hogwarts Castle Gryffindor Tower, Harry Potter’s Seventh Year, Late-Spring

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Hermione laughed, “You want me to what?”

“Make the Slytherins stop! Even the Ravenclaws refuse to talk to me now, and some of my own house! It’s terrible, Hermione! You’re the only one who can make it stop.”

The Gryffindor Queen smiled at the Hufflepuff girl, “I doubt I can do anything. You brought this upon yourself from what I hear. It’s dangerous to show disrespect toward a Slytherin of Ms. Greengrass’ caliber.”

“Oh Hermione, not you too!”

“It’s about surviving, Susan. I’d like to study in peace. I leave the Slytherins alone and show them respect when we have to work together in class. In return, they leave me alone, and manage to be civilized when we work together.”

“But…” Susan turned soulful eyes toward Hermione.

“No buts. Try to be polite, alright? And hey, isn’t your boyfriend still talking to you? You were in the Hogwarts Express as Hogwarts Cutest Couple.”

“Well, yes, but lately, he’s been more into Quidditch, and has a lot of homework, and, Merlin Hermione, the picture didn’t even move!”

Hermione laughed, “Colin ran out of the potion to make it move, and as for your boyfriend,” she shrugged, “I don’t know, surprise him with cookies or something.”

Susan Bones left the Gryffindor common room dissatisfied. For being the smartest witch in their year, Hermione Granger was no help at all.

She would have to do this herself. Her biggest problem was that bitch, Daphne Greengrass. If she could just fix her, then everything would go back to normal.

Yes, that would be her plan. Operation Take Down DG was in order.

And so it was.

Hogwarts Castle Room of Requirement, Harry Potter’s Seventh Year, Late-Spring

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“Draco, I think someone knows!”

Gray eyes watched her pace swiftly from one end of the room to the other, “Why?”

She thrust a piece of parchment at him before spinning and walking to the end of the room.

Operation: Take Down DG
Step One: Infiltrate the slytherin common room
Step Two: Follow subject
Step Three: Take particular note of clandestine meetings, is he cheating? Is she?
Step Four: Reveal indiscretions to most interested party, then leak to Hogwarts Express. If that’s a no go, the Daily Prophet or Witch Weekly.

Draco felt the blood draining from his face. “Shit.”

“Exactly. Oh!” She crumpled on top of him.

He wrapped his arms around her and delivered a kiss to her neck, “We’ll be alright, don’t worry.”

Ginny sighed, “I know, but,” she bit her lip in a way that made Draco shift her to the side of his lap, “I think I should break up with Harry.”

Draco snorted, “You think?”

“There’s no need for sarcasm, Draco. You know why I haven’t.”

“Because Harry bloody Potter needs you by his side in preparation for the battle and not fucking his enemy.”

She smacked him playfully, “That’s not how I’d phrase it, but yes.”

He laughed then grew somber, “Are you going to tell him, Ginevra? Because if so, tell me so I can begin running for my life.”

“I’ll be going with you, he’ll not be happy with me, either, you know.”

“Tell him today, and we’ll vamoose tonight while he’s getting over the shock.”

“Vamoose?” Ginny giggled, “Vamoose?”

Draco stuck out his lower lip, “I rather liked the sound of that word. There’s no need to make fun of me.”

“Oh quit pouting, love,” Ginny smirked and stood up, straightening her snowflake jacket, “I’ll go tell him, and meet you back here so we can… vamoose.”

She rushed out the door laughing, and Draco was left shaking his head, wondering how he’d broken several Slytherin rules and was risking his skin… for love.

And so it was.
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